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The Moral . . . is a fun collection of stories to which we can all relate, told in a way that is full of witty tongue-in-cheek humor. Rats that never disappear is my favorite. The story of touring Switzerland and an encounter with a snooty hotel managers and waiters is a close second.

Compelling true tales -  from heart warming to humorous.  Before reading these pithy short stories  be prepared for a belly laugh or two and also have a Kleenex handy as the the author writes, "with a tear in my eye, a lump in my throat and a smile on my lips waiting to erupt into laughter, in the hopes that I would evoke the same response in my reader."

An inspirational Novel -a stirring love story between a man, a woman and a child during their struggle to reclaim the joy in life while learning to trust. The spirit of Nikki, the lost child, links the past with the future. Taking place on the Oregon Coast, this is the story of the agonizing loss when one child is lost and the joy when another child's second chance gift is a heart transplant. Though the pathway is never sure, through forgiveness, love, trust and a special dog, there is unbounded joy.  Witness the Miracle.

--When I realized the stories were sequential, I started at the beginning. Then it was hard to put down. I wanted to know what would happen next. From your other books I knew you were an excellent story teller, but this was something special. . . to laugh and cry with you. I also loved your 'morals' at the end of each story.

I got your book at noon yesterday. I read the first sentence and kept on until until I was on page 110. Today I finished it. I love it. It sounded so much like my childhood + life in general that I have filled in with names of people I grew up with...I was  six foot two at 14, two room school house next door...I could pee higher on the barn wall because of my height...we all lived on farms and had to do chores before we could have our fun. I had a 'Jimmy' that was older...he had to fight the biggest kid in town. That was me. That is another story.  ​I LOVE YOUR BOOK. You get 5 stars!

---Last night Pattie finished your book and I decided to read it. Next thing I knew, I was on pg.115 and going strong. I liked it very much. I am a Louie Lamour fan and you kept me excited. It brought back memories of my days in the Army.

---...I finished 'Second Chance Heart'. Glad I read was very inspirational and fast moving...glad with the ending...not surprising you kept it under wraps until the right moment...perfect. I liked this one best of your books. Looking forward to the next one.

Intriguing page turner - What horrific event causes a 15-year separation with Jake's mother and the loss of his love? Why is an old nemesis sabotaging his livelihood? Searching for the truth, Jake revisits his youth with tales of mystery, trauma, exciting adventures and hilarious capers in search of the truth and his lost love. Of course there is his dog, Wolf.

Novels: Adventure in Literature

---This so inspirational for women. I sent a copy along with your business card to Oprah. Please let me know if she contacts you.

A Haunting mysteryMysterious love transcends time and open's death's door. ​When Gail Thornton is at a low ebb in her life, something unexpected allows her an unusual option. What she decided to do with a chance opportunity greatly surprises her. Traveling along the beautiful Oregon Coast she finds love that is steeped in mystery. Are the things that happen merely coincidences, or are they something from beyond? What is the secret about Thornton House? The surprise maybe yours.

---Did the idea come from the Rambo movies of a while back, especially the dog Rambo?  Boy you must have done quite a bit of research and reading of many survival books.   The story seemed to contain them all.

---I really enjoyed this action packed tale. . . It is quite an adventure from a downed Cessna. . .Everything bad that could happen did. She has written several, this is her best I believe.

---Just finished Thornton House and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked both the the plot and the character development. The last 60 pages were absolute page-turners.

An Inspirational NovelA Marine reclaims purpose and trust through love and redemption.​  ​After experiencing plenty of action on two tours of duty in Afghanistan, a marine returns to civilian life in Florence, Oregon. Looking for reason in his losses and his guilt, he turns to alcohol. This is the story of his redemption through His inspiration, the love of his childhood friend and a rescue dog, plus a gift from beyond. The next step is to pay it forward.

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​All of Nichols' novels are set in Oregon, contain a dog story, a love story and a gripping ending.

---I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Triumph Over Fear. I could put myself in Gabi's place, wondering what I would do—I think this is your best so far.

​​​An inspirational Novel - a tale of wilderness survival.  Ever Find yourself alone, in the middle of nowhere, miles to the nearest town? The only thing you know is that you are somewhere without a single man-made structure in sight. A recent college graduate of the University of Oregon, Gabriella DiCarlo boards a plane in Portland to meet her fiancé in Casper, Wyoming for a summer hiking adventure. She never makes it. Instead she finds herself lost and alone in the wilderness. Her only companion is Rambo, a dog that belongs to the dead pilot. This begins her heart-pounding journey through breath-taking beauty fraught with death-defying experiences. Can she discover the primeval instinct, the trust, and the inspiration it takes to survive? In the wilderness she finds, "You are never really alone."

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​---What a beautiful story! It is well-plotted with sympathetic characters and it tackles a difficult subject. The author ...does a fine job of coloring a vivid landscape and surroundings, accentuating gentle humor...awash with her experience as an elementary teacher...heartwarming and richly fulfilling.

All novels are available on ,   or at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon.

---To your latest book – BRAVO!  What a story, We finished it today.  Where on earth did you get this idea?  By far your best one yet!

---What a wonderful story with a very timely message. You have a flair for writing...Your characters are believable and true, serious and full of fun and a real understanding of the great healing power of pets...You have done a lot of research and make it work in a novelistic sense. You do a fine job describing the war scene. There is heart felt sentiment without getting sentimental...just enough religion to serve the novel's message without becoming pentecostal...nicely plotted to a perfect conclusion.

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Reader comments

---From the title and the cover art, I suspected 'Thornton House' would be a spooky tale and it certainly was...You managed to sustain the suspense throughout and made good use of Florence and the environs. Some of the chapter titles are comical, sort of like you are Alfred Hitchcock teasing the reader... It's positively Psycho-Delic!

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